Gofilex processes customer data.

Our aim is to inform our customers about this clearly and transparently. In this privacy statement we answer the most important questions about the processing of customer data by Gofilex in the Netherlands and at the international Gofilex companies.

What is customer data?

There is certain data that says something about our customers. For example: company name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses and contacts. If this data or a combination of it can be traced to one of our customers, we refer to it as customer data. Once that customer data is in our possession, we must handle it with care. Photos and videos are also regarded as customer data.

For what purpose does Gofilex process customer data?

We need various types of customer data if you want to become a Gofilex customer or enter into another relationship with us. This data enables us to correctly enter a customer into our systems. Once you are a Gofilex customer, we want to provide our services as optimally as possible. For example, we use name and address information to maintain contact and provide information about pending orders. We also process data if a question is asked, so that we can answer it to the best of our ability. Customer data is NOT used for promotional or marketing purposes.

Finally, there are practical reasons for which Gofilex processes customer data. For example, to support administrative processes concerning invoicing, statistical volume analyses and so on.

Whose customer data does Gofilex process?

Gofilex processes the customer data of companies and organisations with which we have, want to have or have had a direct or indirect customer relationship. This includes, for example, the data of:

-        Customers who show an interest in Gofilex services or have previously been a customer.

-        Customers who are connected to an organisation with which we have, want to have or have had a relationship

Who is responsible for processing customer data?

In principle, all of Gofilex's organisational units process customer data. This is done in 2 main systems: an Order Management Administration and a standardized accounting package. These are Gofilex’s administrative applications and the related operational applications that are used to provide our services. These can then be activities of Gofilex Nederland as well as those of foreign branches. Subsidiaries that maintain customer relationships only process customer data if it is not already computerised. Customers can have their data rectified.

Does Gofilex process non-relevant customer data?

Special data about our customers is referred to as sensitive data. We do not process any special customer data, such as that concerning health, criminal records or data about ethnicity or race. Gofilex only processes data if this is necessary for our services, or required by the law and regulations.

Gofilex Nederland actively checks that data that cannot be stored by law, such as a citizen service number (BSN), is not registered by one of our business units.

Exchange of customer data inside and outside of Gofilex

Customer data cannot be used for any other purpose than that for which it was originally processed. Our employees are limited in what they can do by "user and function rights" within the applications they are entitled to access by virtue of their position.

Gofilex cannot and may not exchange data with third parties and/or external parties other than the customer in question.

Who can access customer data?

A customer can of course access the relevant customer data himself. By sending an email to privacy@gofilex.nl a customer can ask us to send him the stored customer data.

Changes to the customer data can then be communicated by sending an e-mail to privacy@gofilex.nl or by post.

In addition, Gofilex departments relevant to the customer can view a limited set of data.

Customers cannot view each other's data.

Within the management department of Gofilex Nederland, specific customer data can only be consulted if the managers need access to it to fulfil their tasks.

How does Gofilex store customer data?

Customer data and customer-related order data is not kept for longer than necessary and is always carefully stored for normal use within Gofilex or for the provision of the service or services for which it has been recorded.

For how long is customer data stored?

Data related to orders is kept in limited form after provision of the service. This includes, for example, order quantities and prices charged during the customer relationship in order to continue to generate accurate information for financial and statistical purposes. Other than that, the retention of such data may be subject to statutory regulations.

What is and is not allowed in the processing of customer data?

When processing customer data, Gofilex Nederland is bound by the applicable laws and regulations.

Where can I lodge a complaint or ask a question?

For questions or complaints about the processing of customer data by Gofilex, please contact the management of Gofilex. Of course, you can always contact Gofilex on this subject via privacy@gofilex.nl. 

Amendments to the privacy policy

Gofilex reserves the right to make amendments to its privacy policy at all times. This privacy policy can be viewed or downloaded at: http://gofilex.com/privacy