Who we are.

Our long experience and firm knowledge of the processes in the film industry, together with our many years of experience in international logistics and IT, are the foundation for the variety of services Gofilex is offering. It does not matter in what geographical location: physical and digital operational activities as well as administrative tasks are performed and managed with affection for film.

Paul Huis in ‘t veld

CEO/Owner Gofilex

Up to 2004 Paul worked for more than 20 years for international companies in the field of Supply Chain Logistics and Change Management. For the last two years Paul has been working on the European roll out of Gofilex Organized Digital Delivery network. Paul has a BBA supplemented by two masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

T +31 (0) 30 60 70 880
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M +31 (0) 6 547 222 67
E paul@gofilex.nl

Cathy Huis in ‘t veld – Esser

CTO/Co-owner Gofilex

Up to 1998 Cathy worked for 10 years for international software companies in the field of Transportation and Warehousing. After this Cathy successfully founded her own IT Company specialized in Integration and Workflow-driven solutions. As of 2005 Cathy took care of the state of the art multi-disciplinary ICT architecture and software development of Gofilex. Firstly with fully RFID supported logistic & warehouse services up to today's Organized Digital Delivery network and additional services solutions. Cathy has a BA in Economics and IT.

T +31 (0) 30 60 70 880
F +31 (0) 30 60 70 888
M +31 (0) 6 518 429 23
E it@gofilex.nl