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Cinema Point Of Contact (CPOC) Digital cinema also means multiple (new) suppliers for infrastructure, projection hardware, applications and more. The bottom line is that exhibitors share the same suppliers delivering common- but diverse operational and hardware services. The diversity of current and future soft- and hardware for digital cinema means a further growth of fragmentation. As a result, a lot of time is needed to follow up and organize the management and control of IT for each exhibitor individually. By bringing these tasks in the Cinema Point of Contact the focus can be fully on the core business and daily operational tasks.

Using our unique expertise and experience, we have integrated the various aspects of operating digital cinema into independent and unified CPOC services for exhibitors. CPOC brings simpler and safer daily operations into digital cinema.

Key elements of our CPOC services:

  • Independent of any supplier and third party
  • Focus on each individual exhibitors’ specific operation, cost effective through collective and collaborative approach
  • Manage contracts, faults and errors to ensure suppliers perform according to conditions, services and routines whereby the normal operations are resumed as quickly as possible
  • Coordinate (shared) suppliers in the supply chain to secure fast fault or error correction
  • Monitoring critical projection hardware whereby pre-alerts can prevent digital cinemas from down times due to technical surprises and hick up’s
  • Coordinate and manage not only larger changes by suppliers of hard- and software affecting daily operations but also minor upgrades, updates and bug fixes
  • Overview and forward view on operations throughout the supply chain: combining order management and well-being of the techniques which are crucial to the daily cinema operations
  • Technical staffing with thorough knowledge of all aspects of the supply chain: from lab to projector
  • Learning services not only for new operators but also refreshment and brush up courses
  • Available during cinema opening hours
  • E-information reporting